Monday, February 1, 2016

TrailBlazer Pet Supply

TrailBlazer Pet Supply is a natural pet store located in Chico, California.  Voted Best Local Pet Store 2013, 2014 & 2015!!! Their mission is to help improve the health, wellness and longevity of dogs and cats. They provide ongoing support to their clients through consultations, on-site training's & talks, referrals to holistic practitioners and by offering excellent products and services.

How Did Trailblazer Pet Supply come to be?
In 2009, Erik Gledhill opened TrailBlazer Pet Supply hoping to offer pet owners - like himself - a place where they could get the help and resources they needed to care for their pets in healthy and holistic ways that encompassed both the emotional and nutritional support of a pet.  Helping pet owners to navigate the ever changing pet food industry has become Erik's specialty, which has fostered a community of not only healthy pets but happy ones as well.

What do you feel is unique about your store?
When customers come into TrailBlazer they become apart of our family.  We know how difficult it is to be pet parents and it is our wish to help customers with many questions, from behavior and emotional stressors to healthy and nutrition questions.  We want pet parents to feel that their knowledge of their pets and their voice is important to us, and that we are fully listening, in order to understand their specific needs.  From there, we provide the education and help that they need in order to fulfill their unique human-animal bond.  Providing training, grooming, nutrition consultations, education workshops, and affordable vaccination clinics, Trailblazer strives to be an independent, locally owned pet store that our community can count on.

Success Stories
I have seen some amazing benefits to the Glacier Peak Sensitivity Testing.  For the first time clients are receiving a sneak peek into their pet's physiology, giving them a valuable tool to changing their pet's overall health and wellness.  Many clients have openly cried in my office, as the giant weight they have been carrying is released.  Every pet parent wants their pet to be healthy and happy and empowering pet parents on their journey is just one of the things I love about my job.  It has been exciting to join clients in their renewed hope, as they begin their pet's unique health journey back to balance!

Do you work with any local charities?

North Valley Animal Disaster Group

As a community driven business we work with a variety of local animal charities.  As a pet store we feel it is important for us to first and foremost advocate for shelter animals, millions of which are euthanized each day.  We hold a variety of 3rd party fundraisers to raise money and awareness for so many animals in need of a home.  California is also known for its intense fire season, which is why we work with organizations like North Valley Animal Disaster Group who are on the front lines of animal rescue efforts during a fire.  We are also happy to report that for the first time Chico now has a domestic violence shelter that allows those who are abused the ability to bring their beloved pet with them, in search for a better future.  Donations, drives and third party fundraisers are two ways that we support them.
Lori Wells - Wells Pet Nutrition

 What are your plans for the future?
There are many pet parents in our country who do not have a store like TrailBlazer in their community.  It is my goal to not only help clients  throughout the US through my nutrition consulting business, Wells Pet Nutrition, but to also network with other amazing independent pet stores that would love to have the tools they need to take their business to the next level.  As many pet store owners and employees know, customers come into their store with all sorts of questions.  We are the voice of animal wellness, even more than traditional medicine.  It is my hope to take what I have learned and created at Trailblazer Pet Supply and give pet stores the educational tools and training they need to equip their staff with the knowledge and expertise to help their clients in more unique and beneficial ways.

It is through this avenue that I will be able to take my personal goal of fostering the human-animal bond to the millions of people who could benefit from this sort of personalized support from their own community pet store.

Lori, Glacier Peak Holistics appreciates all the time and energy you and your staff devote to helping pet's and their parents live a happy and healthy lifeWe are proud to feature you in the GPH Retailer Spotlight.


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